Where have all the posts gone?

Well, I’ve been pretty busy lately, and just haven’t had time to update the blog. As it’s mostly family and friends that visit the blog, brace yourself for a ‘diary’ style entry. I’ve recently been to the Caribbean island of St Lucia for a relaxing holiday with the wife. Photos here, for anyone interested. Below is one of the spectacular Pitons. These are volcanic plugs, formed by magma hardening within a vent on a volcano. When the surrounding rock has been eroded away, you’re left with the lump of hard magma.


On the flickr site, you can see that I experimented with some underwater photography using a cheap Chinese camera from ebay called the SJ1000. It’s an amazing little thing that only costs around £50, yet it’s full HD, waterproof and comes with all the mounting options that you could ever want. For sure, the Hero HD cameras will get better results, but who has a spare £400 lying around?

I’ve also been away laser scanning complex plant in Wales, which was particularly hot and unpleasant work, since then work has kept me busy on other projects. I have had some free time to resume a hobby of mine, which is learning how to model and render in the free Blender software. Below is an animation of a fire simulation that I created. It’s a work in (very slow) progress, but quite fun to learn. The YouTube compression has reduced the quality quite a bit as well…

I’ve seen a ton of films recently, so expect some riveting reviews shortly 😉


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