This is 40 film review

untitledI got this film in the Blockbuster closing down sale for a couple of quid thinking that it’d be a suitable film to watch with the wife. It purports to be a comedy on the strained relationship between a couple approaching 40.

As we watched it, we realised that our own lives were being wasted watching this terrible movie. Yes, I turned it off after about 40 minutes, it was that bad. Normally when I invest that much time in a movie, I watch the rest of the film later, like with the first Twilight movie.

This is 40 plays out like a poor sitcom, with little structure or plot. Rather it’s a collection of unfocused ideas with unlikable privileged middle class characters. Here we have a couple living in a glorious mansion, with i-phones and BMW’s everywhere, and we are supposed to feel sorry for them? The characters bleat about mid-life flabbiness, but both actors are ridiculously good-looking. The film is essentially a long wail about reaching 40 and is full of characters wallowing in self-pity. This is pretentious, self-indulgent twaddle that few will enjoy.

Rating: 0/10


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