Religion does not require a God

Louisa Hodkin has won a landmark legal case that allows her to get married in a Scientology ‘church’. In summing up, the Judge said that such marriages should be allowed in order to avoid discrimination and that “Religion should not be confined to religions which recognise a supreme deity.”

I think that statement is quite amazing, that Religion doesn’t need a God to worship. I’d argue that Scientology is a cult, or corporation and not a religion. But setting that aside, it’s interesting to note that Lutheranism was regarded as a cult. Even the Christian Church was viewed with disdain by the Jewish faith for centuries, so perhaps I shouldn’t rush to ridicule the Judges’ decision.


Marriage…’s a trap!

But you’ve got to wonder where the line is drawn. During the census of 2001, 390,127 people declared that they stated that their religion was ‘Jedi’. This would make the order of the Jedi Knights the fourth largest religious group in the UK! Perhaps one day we’ll witness marriages orchestrated in the temples of the Jedi? Then again, that would be completely mental, much like devoutly following the beliefs of a Science Fiction writer, who once wrote that “The way to make a million dollars is to start a religion.”


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