Frustration incarnate



last night I tried to book a car parking space, said task should’ve taken about thirty minutes. But that was without reckoning on my contumacious web-browser and ponderous Internet service provision. I may have a fiber optic connection, but I’d have been better off sending smoke signals or tapping out my message in morse code than suffering the infernal sight of that loading web-page symbol.

Finally, when the webpage had loaded, I clicked on the button which would allow me to select the make and model of car that I wished to park. A flash form popped up, which my internet security decided was surely a threat. Then, like a precocious three-year old who refuses to stop asking where children come from, the internet security software kept repeatedly popping up to ask if I wanted to allow the action. Of course I want to allow the action goddamnit! I’ve told you so three times already.


Maybe Kirk’s experiencing the rage associated with using flash-based websites.

Yes! the forms up on the screen and I’m gonna fill it out now – success surely awaits…..Gagh! I hit the ‘submit’ button, which inflicted more pain and suffering as windows popped up with a question about whether I’d like to ‘save or cancel’ downloading a ‘.jsop’ file. Curse you, flash-based website, with your fancy fonts and clear and clean user interface. If you’re a web-developer, I urge you to eschew flashy-pants web sites in favour of clear, simple and clean HTML coding.

microsoftEventually, after Chrome, Firefox and Safari (on a shiny i-phone) had all failed I resorted to the evil Microsoft corporation’s Internet Explorer, which had no problems at all in completing the booking.

Who would have thought that organising a trip to see Star Trek Into Darkness in London could be so much hard work?


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