Blakes 7 remake

The iconic Liberator space ship

The iconic Liberator space ship

SyFy has announced that Blakes 7 is to be remade, with 13 hour long episodes penned by Joe Pokaski (who wrote for Heroes) and that Martin Campbell (he directed Casino Royale) is also on-board as director.

The statement from Freemantle media can be read  here:

Just a couple of posts ago, I was lamenting the lack of space-based SF, so for me this is quite exciting news. A remake of Blakes 7 has been mooted on and off for the last 30 years or so. I have only seen a handful of episodes, but the original show was quite ahead of its time, it was a bit like The Dirty Dozen in space. Blakes 7 was also very popular – regularly attracting audiences of ten million in the UK.

The show was set in the ‘third century of the second calendar’ and the series presented the grim, depressing central premise of Earth subjugated by an all powerful and brutally totalitarian government. Blakes 7 was created by the hugely prolific Terry Nation.

I hope that the new Blakes 7 will retain the complex characters and gritty storylines, but present episodes using modern production and storytelling techniques that will appeal to modern audiences.


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