Surveying in Wales

So, it’s been over a week since I posted on the blog. That’s because I have been working in Wales where I’ve been surveying an old bridge in Penrhyndeudraeth.


Using a C10 laser scanner to survey the bridge structure

Years ago, I had climbed Mount Snowdon with a friend, but I dont think that I appreciated how stunning some of the landscape is in Wales. I was working pretty near to Portmeirion, famous to genre fans for being ‘the village’ location in the 1960’s TV show ‘The Prisoner’. Sadly, time did not permit a visit there, although I kept a look out for any stray ‘Rovers’.


No Rovers on this sandy expanse.

Anyhow, having driven through the heart of Wales to get to site, I definitely intend to return for a driving / walking holiday there. I also hadn’t realised that Welsh people actually speak in Welsh. The language is used everyday by the majority of the people in the village I was staying in, although they were all fluent in English as well.

Having said that, the landlady in the pub that I frequented in the evenings said that an Englishman had taken it over prior to her working there. Apparently, he got so fed up with the locals only ordering drinks in Welsh that he went upstairs and returned to the bar with an air-rifle. After threatening to shoot people ordering in Welsh, the police were called and he was subsequently sacked.

I quite enjoyed my trip to Wales, the people were friendly, the ale is as good as in Devon and there is quite a lot to see, from castles and bronze age forts to spectacular walking trails. Next time, I’ll try to visit in the summer though, because it was darned cold.


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