Irrational Nostalgia

The Story Of The Most Ambitious British Television Series Ever Made.

That’s the tagline for ‘Space Precinct Legacy’, a new documentary about the short-lived television show ‘Space Precinct’, created by the late, great Gerry Anderson.

space-precinct-legacy-posterThis series lasted but one season, airing in 1994. I still have a crusty old VHS recording of the pilot episode, but alas, no VHS player with which to view it on.

I was fifteen years old when it aired, I can remember that the series was dated when compared to the X-Files and Star Trek The Next Generation.

However, I have this irrational nostalgia and strange hankering to see it again. Or maybe it’s just Simone Bendix that I have a hankering for.

Regardless, this series is an epic fail in the best possible way. Inventive visuals, creative and crazy three-eyed aliens and a dated, over-earnest, yet appealing format. As live action Gerry Anderson productions go, it’s more exciting than the dour Space 1999 and more fun than the portentious UFO.

Is it ‘the most ambitious British TV show ever?’ – probably not. That said, I’d love it if the BBC or ITV would invest in big budget SciFi again (other than the excellent Doctor Who), rather than endless reality shows or mind-numbing gameshow tripe. This show reminds me of Farscape, featuring as it does, elaborate sets, CGI, cutting edge prosthetic work and inventive aliens. Where the show fell down by comparison was in it’s often procedural stories and somewhat uninspired human characters.

Like all the Gerry Anderson shows, the intro-music was excellent. Check it out below:

RIP Gerry Anderson, an exceptional man who brought joy to millions.


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