Back from Holiday

Sorry for the lack of posts dear readers, but I have been enjoying a weeks holiday skiing in Austria. I always enjoy skiing holidays, despite the fact that skiing requires a degree of physical fitness, willingness to suffer the elements, and a need to overcome the natural inhibitive fear almost everyone experiences when pointing skis down a steep slope.

Very little in life can match the exhilaration of an early morning ski run. The crisp, clear air, the silence of the imposing, yet gorgeous mountain scenery and the feeling of accomplishment when you’ve made it down a black run in one piece. And then there’s the apres ski to look forward to afterwards of course…

It’s not a cheap holiday to go on, but if you have the means then I highly recommend it.

Zell am See

This is a photo that I took whilst on holiday. I used a free online image editor called PIXLR to make it look like a postcard.

Should you wish to see more holiday snaps, check out these


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