Predators Film Review

PredatorsThis 2010 sequel takes the action off Earth and onto an alien game reserve, where abducted badasses are parachuted in to be mercilessly hunted by the Predator aliens. Adrian Brody’s character sums up the plot nicely:

“This place is a game preserve, and we’re the game”

The films dialog is simply horrible, with lines like ‘Are you prepared to die? I am!’. The poor dialog is compounded by the lead character (Adrian Brody) deciding rather inexplicably to speak like Christian Bales Batman.

Midway through, Lawrence Fishburn shows up as a psychologically traumatised survivor, albeit one that looks a little too well fed. Unfortunately, this extended sequence is poorly acted by Fishburn and pretty much irrelevant to the plot (such as there is). All it does is rob the film of momentum.

The camera work is shoddy, some scenes even seem to be out of focus. Its a mean-spirited movie, with a badly miscast leading man, Vin Diesel would have been a better choice.

There is some knowing fun to be had as the characters are picked off one by one, but it’s hard to care when they die. Also, there is nice, though clumsily articulated idea, where one character asks whether if by survivng they are loosing their humanity.

Ultimately though, the film is devoid of the suspense and tension that made the original Predator movie so good. This is a dumb, mindless action film, with pretty much nothing to recommend it. Avoid.

Rating: 2/10


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