Men In Black 3 Film Review

MIB3MIB3 lacks the must-see originality of the first film, but is a vast improvement over 2002’s lame sequel. In the film, J must travel back in time to prevent the Earth from being invaded by Boglodites and in the process save his partner from being erased from time.

Colorful, fun and inventive, this film see’s Will Smith return to the scene of a former glory, after a series of lacklustre movies. Smith kinda phones in this performance, he lacks the young, fresh spark that characterised his early film career. Its Josh Brolin that delivers the standout performance as a younger version of Tommy Lee Jones’ K.

Rick Baker’s brilliant alien designs are given a 60’s feel, to complement the time period. The late 60’s are beautifully realised and the film is a riot of colour and does not take itself too seriously. Barry Sonnenfield’s direction is good, and he handles the action set pieces well.

The capper to the story is a heartfelt twist, that gently tugs at the heartstrings and was quite unexpectedly poignant. The film does feel a little inconsequential though, and its strange to think that its been 10 years since MIB2. I’m not sure that the world needs an MIB4 though, especially as the touching ending rather effectively wraps up the buddy-buddy plot. This film was way better than I expected it to be though and is a good, fun popcorn movie.

Rating: 6.5/10


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