Look Who’s Back

If I were ten years old, Doctor Who would surely rank as the best TV show ever. This season has been pretty spectacular, with dinosaurs on spaceships, Daleks, Weeping Angels and more. Sure, the show is aimed at a younger audience, but it often features high concept SF ideas. The aforementioned Dalek episode ‘Asylum of the Daleks’ being a case in point.

In Asylum, the crafty producers introduced Jenna-Louise Coleman’s character Oswin Oswald, the Doctors new Companion, who was not expected to be seen until the Christmas special. In replacing the hugely likeable Amy Pond, she has a huge task, but delivered a performance that was just as feisty and flirtatious.

The big twist at the end of the episode was that Oswin was a Dalek, but did not realise it, and this tragedy was expertly played out, as she is apparently blown up at the end of the episode. I for one did not expect that twist. When we hear the Dalek crying, it is unexpectedly creepy and unfamiliar coming from a Dalek. It is all part of a clever reversal of how the Daleks are portrayed, with more depth and creativity than just as stock baddies.I don’t know how Doctor Who will address the conundrum of Oswin’s presence as his new Companion, following her apparent death in ‘Asylum of the Daleks’. Certainly, one cannot imagine the Doctor having a Dalek as a Companion (the Tardis would need some ramps installed). Anyway, enjoy the trailer for the Christmas special, those snowmen are looking pretty creepy…


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