Laser Scanning in Morocco

At the moment, I am working on a laser scanning survey in Morocco, which is why the posts have been few and far between recently. Mostly, this blog is reviews and thoughts on film andTV, but I just thought I’d share a few pictures of a project that I am working on in Morocco. We are tasked with scanning inside some large hangars, with a view to computing stockpile volumes. However, access to the hangars is through windows that are only accessible via a ladder.

‘Point cloud’ created by the laser scanner. You can see the windows that we need to scan through in the center of the image. For a sense of scale, note the cars in the foreground (click the image to make bigger).

In order to scan through the windows, without having to scale the walls, we developed a system that allows us to extend the scanner into the building. In the picture below, you can see some parts of the roof rack being angle-grinded away on our Toyota Landcruiser. In the picture to the right, the supports are being bolted in place.

In the second set of pics below, we are driving to site, with the new bracket in place. You can also see me, gingerly feeding the scanner out to the maximum extent. Mohammed (bottom left) is controlling the scanner via wifi and (bottom right) some local colour as a horse and cart drive by. There are a lot of working animals in Morocco. The donkey at the mining camp is particularly good at braying loudly at night!

An initial test below near the woodworker and metalworker’s houses, about one hour out of Casablanca.


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