Morocco and Google Earth

There won’t be many posts this week, because I am busy surveying in Morocco. Yesterday, I wasted a couple of hours installing and re-installing Google Earth, checking my firewall etc… all because Google Earth wouldn’t work!


Imagine my surprise when a Moroccan surveyor said that Google Earth is banned in Morocco and cannot be accessed. OK, so it would be possible to use a proxy software like Cproxy or freegate, this would let you surf the Net with a US IP address for example. Quite bizarrely though, I find that Google Maps does work. So, if it’s a security issue then the situation has not been dealt with very well.

Of course, no-one uses Bing Maps, but that seems to be working here as well. I find the ban on Google Earth interesting, as more subversive sites such as YouTube are working fine. So, it can only be a security issue which is causing Google Earth to be blocked?



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