TV is trying to kill you.

That’s right, if you follow the tropes of TV you will die a painful death.

60’s TV and the Judo-Chop.
The “karate chop to the neck”, as seen in Star Trek, The Man from Uncle and various other 60’s TV seems to have been removed from modern TV. I wanted to know why, and was surprised to learn that it’s because if you hit the right spot, whilst you could actually knock someone out, you’ve a 30% chance of killing them. Apparently, it utilizes the Carotid Sinus Reflex (the reason you should not take a pulse at the neck) and is extremely dangerous.

What a knock out.

The Knockout.
This is extremely common in TV land, with guards and security personnel especially being the unlucky victims. Hitting someone hard enough about the head to render them unconscious for more than a couple of seconds is likely to have either fractured their skull, caused them concussion or worse, cranial bleeds, amnesia or cognitive impairment.

According to Wikipedia, in boxing, fighters who lose by knockout (either by ten count or technical) are automatically suspended 30 days, or three months if it is the second knockout within three months, or one year if it is the third knockout within one year.

How many times have you seen a hero knocked out, only to regain consciousness with nary a lump on the head – let alone a visit to A&E?

It just won’t work in real life.
KirkFu as demonstrated by William Shatner would prove most ineffective (sadly) against an opponent. Kirk would employ various and most amusing techniques when fighting his foes. I am just going to write three more words…

flying. leg. kick.


One thought on “TV is trying to kill you.

  1. Nice post. I like the KirkFu :o)

    The reason professional boxers get suspended for so long after a knock-out is that they’ve been hit so much harder than you or I could withstand, before going down. Their brains would have significantly more swelling, bruising and trauma, mainly through repeated blows – but also through much harder hits. Watching late-night police camera shows has taught me that a single well-placed hit at a drunk person’s head will send them crashing to the pavement. In those cases the impact with the floor is more likely to do them damage than the smack to the kisser :o)

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